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    Review information that adresses the topic of anglophone culture literature and reading comprehension in the efl classes
    (Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, 2022) Rojas Botero , Verónica ; Velásquez Hoyos, Ángela Patricia
    Implementing anglophone culture literature in classrooms can be useful for EFL students to enhance their reading strategies and expand their cultural knowledge while they connect their own life experiences with the content provided in the different types of literature materials. This monograph is a qualitative study since it seeks to analyze different results once learners prove their reading comprehension development process through anglophone culture reading exercises. This study is also a bibliometric analysis because of the usage of qualitative methods used to analyze content, references, citations, and authorships of different publications. Based on this, there are no research questions or participants. Regarding Diodato (2012), the technique to be followed in this research, to gather information, is setting up the premises as explained as follows: The regarded topic for this study is to review anglophone culture literature to improve reading skills; this study is taking into consideration two key languages to find information such as English and Spanish; Some academic journal sources such as Íkala, Revista de Lenguaje y Cultura, and Revista Colombiana de Educación will be considered to establish the search of information. Other techniques used to collect information are searching, evaluating, and analyzing the criteria and results. With this monograph, I expect to stimulate research regarding the usage of anglophone culture literature in EFL classrooms to improve students’ reading skills.
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    Teaching Vocabulary Through Storytelling to Kindergarten Students from a Public School in Dosquebradas
    (Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, 2022) Gúzman Bermudez , Laura Michelli ; Murcia Quintero , Daniel
    The following classroom project describes the implementation of storytelling to teach English vocabulary to kindergartners. This project was developed at a public school in Dosquebradas, and the implementation was carried out taking into consideration that vocabulary is important in the process of learning a second language. This classroom project was based on the Engage, Study and Active model, to determine the effectiveness of the use of storytelling to teach vocabulary in a fun and significant manner, helping kindergartners to improve their second language and imagination. High participation and understanding about the topics developed in the classes were shown in the results, but also some disruptive behavior and issues with the use of L1 were evidenced during the implementation of this project.
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    A bibliometric analysis on material adaptation design for elt contexts
    (Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, 2021) Gutierrez , Lina Maria ; Muñoz Rodriguez , Juan Esteban ; Valencia Osorio , Daniela ; Murcia Quintero , Daniel
    El siguiente análisis bibliométrico busca revisar algunos de los trabajos realizados en el campo del material didáctico de la lengua inglesa, en concreto, sobre cómo los profesores de inglés adaptan, diseñan o evalúan sus materiales didácticos. Para evaluar la información, se implementó una rúbrica que compacta algunas características específicas con el fin de filtrar los documentos más adecuados que se encuentran en bases de datos como BASE, Oxford, Taylor & Francis Online, en revistas como Profile: Issues in Teachers’ professional Development, HOW y bibliotecas de universidades colombianas como Repositorio de tesis UTP. Por otro lado, los aspectos incluidos en los criterios están relacionados con el tipo de documentos analizados, el número mínimo de conceptos que estos contenían y el entorno en el que se realizaron los estudios. El propósito de esta monografía es revisar y exponer la información existente sobre la adaptación, el desarrollo y la evaluación de materiales en contextos de ELT, así como sus características, tipos y pautas; esta literatura puede ser útil para los educadores de inglés en su ejercicio de enseñanza.
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    Cortos sin cortes: A didactic sequence for the use of short films as an instrument to develop listening skills
    (Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, 2022) Lopez Zambrano, Angelica Maria ; Saldarriaga Quirama, Julian Sebastian ; Guilleumas Garcia, Rosa María
    Teachers and other experts in education are constantly looking for new techniques, methodologies and resources that help innovate in language teaching to make it as effective and motivating as possible, both for students and teachers. The use of short films in the classroom is not something new, since many teachers have been using them for a long time. However, their possibilities as a teaching resource to foster listening skills have not been fully exploited yet. This project aims at developing a didactic sequence for the use of short films as a resource to develop listening skills as well as exploring the opportunities that short films can offer to the world of education and to boost a wider use of them in educational contexts. Besides, it is important to take into account all the necessary elements that are involved in the development of the didactic sequence such as materials ( audios, songs, dynamic and physical games, short films, clips, and others) and knowledge required, as well as the facility to have access to the population and infrastructure required for the implementation of the authentic material
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    Bilingualism and cognition: analysis of executive function performance in bilingual and monolingual professors and teachers from institutions in Pereira
    (Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, 2021) Agudelo Londoño, Maria Isabel ; Valencia Cuadros, Yeinson ; Ñañez Arcila, Jonathan
    This quasi-experimental research sought to determine through a quantitative study if there was an EF advantage in socio-demographically matched bilingual professors relative to their monolingual counterparts, and if there was a mediation or confounding effect on EFs due to the role of SES (socioeconomic status). The data was collected using two tests and one task to quantify each element of the tripartite of the EFs, those materials are: 1) the Stroop test to measure the inhibition component, 2) task switching to measure the shifting component, and 3) the Corsi block-tapping task to measure the updating component. These were used to assess the EF outcomes on bilingual and monolingual professors and teachers from institutions in Pereira. They were filtered beforehand with the help of a sociodemographic language questionnaire to match them as much as possible in terms of their background, so that more accurate results could be gathered, and therefore contribute to the current state of the art. There were two hypotheses that this paper sought to determine experimentally 1) there is a bilingual advantage regarding on of the aspects in the EFs tripartite (inhibition, shifting, or updating), 2) there is a bilingual advantage in the executive function performance as a whole, instead of benefiting just one component, or 3) both groups obtain similar results in the overall of the different tasks and test in the tripartite of the EFs. The contri bution of this paper will be useful to widen the current state of the art in this field in the Colombian context, and it will also help to build a stronger foundation by shedding light on the issue about knowing whether bilingualism affects or not the executive function performance.